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 High Pressure Grinding Mill

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JOYAL High Pressure Mill is an improved type of Raymond mill. The purpose of the this kind mill is to grind non-flammable and non-explosive materials in the fields of building materials, mining, metallurgies and chemical industry with hardness less than 9.3 in Moh’s scale and humidity less than 6 percent.,cricket-betting-sites-in-canada

This mill adopts classical pendulum rollers, and change the spring connection structure, which can decrease the impact of large materials on the axis and bearings, also enhance the grinding roller’s crushing strength.
The impeller’s working efficiency can reach 85% or above compare with traditional grinding mills, lower power consumption.
Its capacity increases by 10%-20% comparing with Raymond mill under the same power condition.
Larger range of final fineness. Size of final product can be 0.613mm (30mesh) –0.033mm (425mesh). Some can reach the fineness of 0.013mm (1000 mesh).
Easy to operate. The whole system is combined by some independent systems, and the cohesion between the systems is good.
Excellent sealing. The multi-class seals are adopted to keep the grinding equipment tight closed.

 High Pressure Grinding Mill


General:Crushing -- Grinding -- Selecting -- Collecting
Detailed:The High-pressure Suspension Mill has the same working principle as Raymond Mill, but its grinding fitting is furnished with 1000 - 1500 kg pressure spring.
When the machine works, the grinding roll, under the action of high pressure spring and centrifugal force, rolls close up to grinding ring, its rolling pressure ratio is 1.2 times of Raymond mill given an identical condition, and its output may increase 10% to 20%;Please note that when the grinding roller and grinding ring reach a certain degree of abrasion, please adjust the length of high-pressure spring to keep the constant grinding pressure between grinding roller and grinding ring, so as to ensure a stable output and fineness.



Model Grinding Roller Grinding Ring

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